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Our Donor Pen….             
              The Heart of our herd

HS Finders Keepers F95W (a.k.a. Panda)
ASA# 3472944
Mr CCF 20-20 x TNGL A Gemstone A527

HS Queen Electra E04B
ASA# 3307345
W/C Loaded Up x HPF Sazerac Z074
Owned with the Hay Family, IA

HS Blissful Kisses B18U
ASA# 2868471
Chamberlain x HS/HSF Stella

Owned with Willis Farms, WV


SWC/TO Everything Nice 72E
ASA# 3324309
Mr CCF Vision x WLE Missy X407


HS Cool Burn C16X
ASA# 3011850
Uprising x Burn Baby Burn

Owned with Heartland Simmentals
& Echard Farms, IA

HS Cool Baby C38Z
ASA# 3011852
Uprising x Burn Baby Burn

HS Burning Secret B120X
ASA# 2868465
Lock N Load x Burn Baby Burn

Owned with Felt Farms, NE

HS Sweet Gem X141N
ASA# 2538616
HTP/SVF Duracell x Kenco Miley Cottontail

Owned with B&L Cattle Company, NE & Sloup Simmentals, NE

BWL/SS/HS Sweet Lookin
Owned by Winter Farm, KS

HS Sweet Sugar
Owned by Ferguson Show Cattle, OH
HS Sweet Addiction
Owned by Scott Rau, SD
HS Sweet Elegance A5243
ASA# 2743740
SVF Steel Force x HS Sweet Gem

Owned with Mike Hein, DVM, MN

LLSF Neon Rey W1001
ASA# 2534395
Triple C El Poderosa Rey x JBS Neon

Homozygous Black

HS Neon Doll A481S
Owned by Sherwood Cattle Co., MN

HS Neon Radiance B97R
Owned by Elm-Mound Farms, WI
HS Neon Sky
Owned by the Willis Family, WV

FBF1 Glowing Image
Owned by Forest Brook Farms, WI & Classy Cattle Co., WI

HS Neon Splash
Owned by the DeCap Family, IA
HS/HSF Stella Y5243
ASA# 2596855
SVF Steel Force x HSF Victoria

Owned with Schmidt Simmentals, MN

HS/DSS Blissful Kisses
Owned with Willis Simmentals, WV

HS/DSS Bling Baby B95R
Owned by Clayton Hanzlik, NE

HS/HSF Ultrastar U14K
ASA# 2459051
SVF/NJC MoBetter x AJE-RCC Lizzys Pearl

Homozygous Black

Thank you to Heartland Simmentals, IA for the their purchase of Ultrastar!
Owned by Ben Brown, TN

Owned by Ferguson Show Cattle, OH

HS-DSS Zeplin
Owned by Herman Farms, MN
HS Asteria
Owned by Felt Farms, NE

HS Razor
Owned by Lauren Kaemingk, IA

HS Rocket
Owned by Rogers Brother Angus, TX

HS Elegant Star
Owned by B2/U Stock, SD

HS Odyssey
Owned by Schmidt Simmentals, MN

SVF Expectation N206
ASA# 2199080
STF Mr Momentum x NJC SVF Antoinette K205

Owned with Sunset View Farms, KY & Hilbrands Cattle Co., MN

HS Expected Star U215M
ASA# 2496525
SVF Star Power x SVF/NJC Expectation

Owned with Chambers Cattle Co, IA & Hilbrands Cattle Co., MN

HS Dana's Star Y504
ASA# 2671341
Flying B Cut Above x JM Miss Dana N31

Homozygous Black & Homozygous Polled